Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Santa Cruz County
Help Us Help Others

Vision:  Neighbors helping neighbors in need through local parish conferences.

Mission:  Organize and assist volunteer parish conferences through:

Spiritual and managerial training

Sharing of resources

An underlying principle of the St. Vincent de Paul Society is that each of us can make a difference in the lives of others, especially in times of need.

SVDP Conferences are lay organizations comprised of parishioners that use locally raised funds to help neighbors in need. This assistance can take the form of operating a parish pantry, staffing a Need-Line to provide emergency assistance or visiting families in their homes to assess their needs and provide help.

Together, the parish Conferences form the SVDP Santa Cruz District Council to ensure shared progress toward common goals. The Council provides assistance to parish Conferences through spiritual and managerial training, developing more effective and efficient outreach programs, and providing a forum for parish Conferences to share information.

Together, through the Santa Cruz District Council, parish Conferences are able to provide the services of a larger, professionally-run organization without sacrificing local direction and the passion of lay volunteers doing good in their own neighborhoods. For more information about the SVDP Conference in your neighborhood, contact your parish office or the SVDP Santa Cruz Council at toll free (844) 617-SVDP.